1. BulletOur mission is to provide a simple and comfortable space that allows people to receive the full benefits of yoga from the beginner to the more experienced as part of their daily lives. We strongly believe in inclusivity, everyone should be able to experience the transformative nature of yoga, no matter what.

  2. BulletAs a cooperative, YC’s teachers are given freedom to run their own classes independently and creatively, and teach from an authentic yoga tradition with a clear lineage. Some of the many yoga styles available include Yin, Restorative, Hatha, Iyengar, and Vinyasa.

  3. BulletIn addition, we aim to offer classes, workshops and related events targeted to those with individual needs and specific lifestyle requirements.

  4. BulletFor example, we offer yoga for pregnancy, after birth, and for seniors, and for different health-related conditions such as stress relief and chronic back pain. Workshop themes focus on topics ranging from introducing a specific yoga style, establishing a home practice and the use of props, or specially-chosen focus areas by YCs own and visiting teachers from around the world.

  5. BulletYC’s vision is complete with Jack’s vegetarian food service offered in our first location in Frederiksberg, with meals provided after selected classes and in conjunction with workshops.