Yoganet is an online booking site cooperation among small independent yoga studios operated by Yogacentralen. You may purchase punchcards or sign-up and pay directly for classes at Yogacentralen and other events after creating a user profile. Sign-up for all events is mandatory through Yoganet either before you come, or use the iPad in the studio to sign-up before you enter the studio. The teacher will check the sign-ups.

If your balance of YC punches goes below 4, they expire in three months.
However, expired punches will accumulate in a fund for folks in need of a free yoga class. Prospects are welcome to write us at After 3 years punches are removed permanently from your account according to the Danish law governing gift certificates and similar claims.

You can pay online with regular Debit and Credit cards only: Dankort, MasterCard, Maestro*, Visa, Visa Electron*, JCB, and American Express.
*if allowed by the card issuer.

All sales are final. Your account is personal and the balance of punches is for personal use only. However as a convenience we allow you to use your punchcard punch twice for a class and bring another person along, and you have to be there yourself.
If you withdraw your sign-up – only possible for non-binding sign-ups – you will get your punch(es) put back in your account, if you withdraw at least 8 hours before. When you sign-up it is made clear to you if you sign up binding or with the option to withdraw.

We only use the personal data for daily operations through Yoganet, Yogacentralen, and provide the information for other associated studios for their administration, when you buy punches or attend classes at that studio. We use your email to send you the newsletters you subscribe to. We are only contacting you per phone or mail or post in relation to your account and its related information, and your sign-ups and changes due to our cancellation of an event. We never give your information to a third party except for the associated studios as mentioned above.

Yogacentralen is connecting yoga students and teachers. We are sure the teachers do everything they can to provide you with the class, workshop or other services as announced, and as booked. We will let you know in a timely manner if a class is cancelled. The teacher may find a substitute when not available as originally scheduled. Yoganet will show the updated information. If the event is cancelled you will get your punch back into your account, or you will get the money back into your “Yoganet” account to use for other events, if you did not pay with punches.

Yogacentralen and its teachers reserve the right to refuse admission to the studio. Late-comers may be admitted at the discretion of the teacher. The use of cameras and recording equipment and mobile phones is strictly forbidden, unless permitted by the teacher explicitly.