I am new to yoga!
Congratulations! Try any beginners’ class (level 1).
Find your favorite teacher and style by trying several.Levels.htmlLevels.htmlYoga_styles.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2
I have some experience
with yoga!
Pick higher level classes, try other styles and attend workshops. Also start building your home practice!Levels.htmlWorkshops_and_courses.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1
I am getting back to yoga after a break!
Welcome back. Take a fresh approach and sample teachers and styles. You may have changed!
I have a temporary injury!
Talk to your teacher. If your injury is worrisome, consult your doctor.
My ailments are chronic!
Talk to your teacher about how you can adjust the postures for maximum benefit in your particular situation.
I am 60+ years old!
We have special senior classes. But in any Iyengar and softer Hatha class you should be able to work well at your capacity.
I am active with sports like running and biking!
You may prefer the energy in Dynamic styles, but your body will also benefit from the Hatha, Yin & Iyengar styles.Yoga_styles.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0
I am pregnant ☺!
We offer excellent pre-natal courses. In all classes, talk to your teacher about adjustments and what you can enjoy more of and what to avoid.
I have given birth recently ☺ ☺!
Congratulations first of all! We offer special post-natal classes where you may bring your baby. Or pick any yoga class and style to bring you back in shape.

Here are some situations that may apply to you.

Always talk to your doctor and other health personnel about doing yoga.
Feel free to ask questions to YC Teachers in person or by clicking the 
next to a teacher for a class that you are looking at on Yoganet.

Also check out our Links for web pages to consult.

And also always
listen to your body!

All yoga should be done according to your own capacity.
Today´s may be very different from yesterday’s and tomorrow´s.

Approach every yoga pose as if it is the first time doing it: observe and adjust.

I am stressed or depressed!
Begin to build a yoga practice in any style of yoga that appeals to you. In any case, do more yoga.