After years of practicing yoga, my awareness began to slightly shift. It felt as if I started to wake up from a very long sleep. I am still in this waking process.

I believe many of us arrive at yoga looking for something, even if we don’t know exactly what it is we are seeking. It may seem as if we start practicing for fairly simple reasons – to alleviate pain, become stronger, increase flexibility, release stress, but over time, we realize that we do things for reasons we are unaware of and that are motives only become clear after a good amount of self-reflection. It is no secret that when we begin to dive deeper into anything, that we also start to inquire the meaning and purpose of our own life. 

Many of us spend almost every day feeling detached, annoyed, frustrated, aggressive, limited and disconnected within. These types of feelings drag us down, leave us hopeless and drain us of energy. We end up counting minutes, blaming others, feeling defeated and challenged with offering even the slightest bit of compassion toward the life around us. Our inner light dims.

Yoga is an invitation to shine brightly, to become whole and to become more intimate with our selves from head to toe and everything in between. It provides encouragement to change patterns – in our own way – it offers strength and flexibility both mentally and physically.

Yoga is a path of inquiry and the possibility of becoming. Becoming in the sense of increasing our inner awareness in the present moment, manifesting clarity and tapping into the natural and magnificent intelligence of our mind, body and consciousness at work.

I hope that I can inspire students to go beyond the surface to find their inner most, unique expression – in my opinion, the most important asana (posture). I hope to offer a flashlight for those dark places, encouragement where there is doubt, a sense of humor when the idea of effort becomes too big, and a loving touch to remind you that you are not alone.

I am a graduate of Centered Yoga and continue to grow and expand my teaching knowledge and individual practice.

From the moment you step onto the mat, things are going to get better - if you want it. I hope you will join me.


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