My name is Tamas. I was born in Germany and raised in Hungary, yet I have traveled always around the globe. When I was around 37, one of many turning points of my life led me to finally enter the world of Yoga. Casually I just started to attend yoga classes by curiosity. I got influenced earlier by my mom though, and by people around me, but somehow it took its time. I had gained my flexibility through ballet, which made me aware of my body, but my mind was still far from Yoga.

In 2017 my wife suggested becoming a certified Yoga instructor for children. The next year I was finally ready for my trip to India. I got not only my Yoga Alliance certification there but it was also a fantastic experience during the training in Rishikesh. The culture shock gave me more than just the basics; it helped me as well to understand the roots of Yoga and learn by simple observation - as we do in any posture.

In my classes, I create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and at ease. Becoming a better version of myself is the goal! See you in the class :)


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