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Sandy is a self declared geek, there are very few things Sandy enjoys as much as being defined as a geek. From couch potato to yoga teacher, it was a spark of passion, a journey begins from trying to get a smaller waistline and moves onto discovering peace and learning to enjoy and love her own being.

Sandy’s teaching journey started in 2015 and she continues to study various yoga styles, physiology and biomechanics from teachers that inspires her. Sandy’s yoga is fascinated with intelligent alignments, hands on assisting, use of props and long and juicy relaxations. She stresses the balance between strengthening and restoring; just like inhales and exhales, yin and yang, she believes working hard is equally important as relaxing hard.

Inspired by the connection with her students and the love and respect toward the human body, Sandy began the study and practice of yoga therapy in 2017.


2015  Heated and non heated Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 200 h w. Marie Louise Harvey (RYS-200)

2016 Yin Yoga Teacher Training 50 h w. JoPhee Yinspiration (RYS-50)

2017 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training for teachers (intensive) 33 h w. Anna Ashby and Chris Swain

15 h Finding Silence, Restorative Yoga Workshop & Teacher Training Level 1 w. Lizzie Lasater


Restorative yoga