Regular classes cost 1 punch, but there is a one-time price of 165 DKK, if you do not want to buy multiple punches at this time. (100 DKK for ONLINE classes)

Punches are bought by refilling your account and is much cheaper than the one-time price:                                  per punch    discount                                         
      3 punches      425 DKK      141,67      14,1%
      8 punches      975 DKK      121,88      26,1%
    16 punches   1.795 DKK      112,19      32,0%
    24 punches   2.595 DKK      108,13      34,5%
    32 punches   3.295 DKK      102,97      37,6%
  100 punches   9.145 DKK        91,45      44,6%

A convenient Auto-refill option gives you 8 punch each month on the eight of the month for 775 DKK (96,88 DKK per punch). Minimum 6 months. There is a new option with 12 punches a month for 1125 DKK (93,75 DKK per punch)
See details on Yoganet below the punch cards.

All punches are flexible: can be used for classes and most workshops.

New students are entitled to buy 3 punches one time for 250 DKK (83,33 DKK per punch). We strongly encourage you to try different teachers and styles to find your own favorites.

Punches expire after three month when you are below 4 punches. If you have more or refill to over over 3, the punches do not expire (before 3 years as stipulated by the consumer laws). When you only buy 3 or when you get below 4 punches in your account, you have 3 month to use them, or refill to over 3 again.

We offer extra discount for students, unemployed, and seniors: you get two punches more when buying 8 punches (makes it 97,50 kr per punch), or three extra when buying 16 (94,47 per punch). We do not offer this discount on the other punch cards which already have an advantageous volume discount built in. See details on Yoganet on how to get the discount.

Sign-up and payment is done on Yoganet that accepts payments online with Dankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, JCB, and American Express.

Expired punches will accumulate in a fund for folks in need of a free yoga class. Fund prospects are welcome to write us at to receive punches from the fund.

Workshops and special classes cost a higher number of punches and/or a fixed price. See each event on Yoganet for details.

Courses is a fixed set of classes sold for a fixed price. This is mostly for special audiences, where it is important to participate from start to end e.g. introduction workshops or a sequences of advanced classes. Dropping-in and sign-up for single classes is not possible. If you want to join after the first class in a series, please contact us for options to join that late.

Buying of punches and space in workshop and class series is non-refundable, and for your personal use only. However as a convenience, we allow you to use your punchcard punch double for a class and bring another person along, and you have to be there yourself.

Buy gift certificates directly on Yoganet starting from 250 DKK. After you paid it on-line, we will email you the certificate issued to a named recipient, who will get his/her own account to use at YC for yoga classes and most workshops.

Book classes and workshops here: