Maj has had a flirt with just about every yoga style on offer, but it was not until she broke her back in 2005 (horseback accident in the Australian outback) that a regular yoga practice became a vital part of the recovery process. Originally trained as an actress Maj has been a loyal part of a fitness centre regime lead by a personal trainer, but for a long time she possessed a wish to find a dynamic form which could provide  that ‘full body workout’,  without the mirror orientated mindset and in more tranquil and inspiring surroundings.

In 2011 she was introduced to Power Living – a Hot Vinyasa studio in Sydney and she was sold! It was love at first drishti, and it was also here that Maj got inspired to find her own powerful teacher within. Maj’s focus is on the transformational power of yoga, and she just loves to assist people out of their shell.

She also has a mission statement to help empower the Danish men, and invite them to discover that yoga is by no means just for girls. Yoga means union (among other wonderful things), and it did really make everything come together and make sense for Maj.

Maj has lived 9 years abroad and has now returned to Denmark with a little family, and is always willing to discuss babies, motherhood and relationship problems and how yoga can solve just about all of them.

Maj is a certified yoga teacher and studied with Dylan Ayaloo at HPY in London.  Her classes have been described as motivating and nurturing. Whenever possible she does her best to “live her yoga”, and let the principles and yoga philosophies go well beyond the mat.

Maj now lives in Aalborg, but is still offering workshops at YC.


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