Level 1 beginners
Level 2
some exposure and experience
Level 3

Levels 1-3 are good for beginners and those with several years of continued yoga practice. The teacher may designate certain poses to the more experienced, while the less experienced student is instructed to do other poses. The classes provide the opportunity to practice together with those of varying levels of experience and gradually advance through the levels in the same class.
Level 1 is typically for beginners and includes the most basic and classic yoga poses.

Level 2 includes slightly more advanced poses that require more flexibility and strength and may include the shoulder stand and preparation for the headstand.
Level 3 classes challenge the student with poses that require increased balancing and upper and lower body strength including headstand. In the Dynamic style classes, you are required to follow the sequences with less instruction.

Level 3
Level 4 experienced
Level 5 advanced. Very experienced students that typically have developed a home practice.

Level 3 to 5 are classes designed for the more seasoned student. Through the levels more and more advanced poses are introduced, and poses can be held for an extended period of time. In the Dynamic classes you are expected to be more selfsufficient in the sequences.

If no level is given in the name of the class then it is for all levels including beginners.